What Is the Eide Effect?

The Eide Effect Graphic
Within Vern Eide, we’ve built a business on the values that take us far beyond “business as usual.” It means we condition ourselves for excellence in everything we do. Providing quality vehicles and services to those who trust us. Trust in our reputation. Trust in our product lines. Trust in our words – that what we say is, in fact, what we do.

Characteristics of the Eide Effect

Below are the 10 characteristics of the Eide Effect:

  1. We know that the little things count.
  2. We care about the greater good.
  3. We hire and employ integrity.
  4. We act like we’re being watched.
  5. We find the white when others see gray.
  6. We mess up, we fess up.
  7. We stay the course.
  8. We keep our word.
  9. We’re honest, but modest.
  10. We create a culture of trust.
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