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As Sioux Falls drivers consider a new or used vehicle, one important step is knowing what the value of your current vehicle is worth, or as we often hear “what is the value of my trade?” At your trusted Sioux Falls dealership, Vern Eide Motorcars, we designed our used car appraisal tool to provide the most accurate price for your current car, so you'll be able to make the best decision once you decide on your next vehicle. You can simply enter the year, make, model, and options of your current vehicle and we’ll send you a free appraisal range to give you an idea what you can expect. The only true and final confirmation of the value of your trade is to bring in your current vehicle and allow one of our experts to provide you with an exact dollar amount. Vern Eide Motorcars provides transparent and aggressive offers to all of Sioux Falls and many communities. We buy a variety of vehicle makes and models at fair market prices.


The step by step process below allows you to have an idea what your vehicle might be worth on the market today in a matter of minutes.

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Understand Your Car's Market Value in Sioux Falls

Our free car appraisal tool can help you make a smart decision on your trade-in no matter what year, make or model you are currently driving the Sioux Falls roads in. We provide you an accurate price and fair market value for your used car, truck or SUV. Our appraisal tool lets you decide whether to trade in or sell your used vehicle when you're ready to buy.


Ultimately, no online car valuation calculator can be 100 percent accurate. It is important to note that these numbers are estimates that can be used to verify used-vehicle cost or help you determine what to pay for a used car. The only way to receive the exact offer is to bring you vehicle to any of our Mitchell, Sioux Falls or Sioux City dealerships. 


Many other 3rd party tools such as Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book and more can help provide the trade valuation range as well.