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Fuel Efficiency Tips | Driving Around Sioux Falls | Tips To Be a More Fuel Efficient Driver

As a community member of Sioux Falls since 1965, Vern Eide Motorcars has always been involved in the community. From employees donating their time to nonprofits, to providing environmentally friendly automobiles, Vern Eide is always striving to do what’s right. So when it comes to driving around Sioux Falls or taking a road trip, we outlined some tips to help you optimize your vehicle’s MPG (miles per gallon) and steps to becoming a more fuel efficient driver.

Before you know if you’re improving your new or used vehicle’s MPG, you need to start by understanding your current MPG. It’s a pretty simple process but getting started is the key!

  • Fill Up Your Tank
  • Set Your Trip Odometer to Zero
  • Drive as Usual
  • Fill Your Tank
  • Calculate Efficiency

To calculate your fuel efficiency, simply divide the miles you drove by the fuel you put in your tank. Depending on how you typically drive your Honda, Acura, Toyota or any brand you purchased, knowing the difference on highway MPG vs city MPG is also crucial. The Black Hills in Rapid City are a common attraction in South Dakota, which many drivers visit every year. A road trip to visit Mt. Rushmore is an example of highway MPG and most vehicles will produce a higher MPG with an example like this. Cruising down to Falls Park and then hitting up your favorite local business Downtown Sioux Falls is an example of city MPG!

For your next road trip, improving your highway MPG is a great way to cut back on your expenses. A few tips on how you can improve fuel efficiency:

  • Drive the speed limit. For all those drivers with a little lead in your foot, driving the speed limit is helpful!
  • Inflate Your Tires. Properly inflated tires save gas and wear. Check the owner’s manual or ask a Vern Eide Motorcars technician to help
  • Roll up the windows. Seems pretty simple, but rolling up all windows will help reduce drag!
  • No roof or luggage racks. Taking the rack off will save weight and gas.
  • Turn on A/C only when you really need it. South Dakota summers have the potential to be pretty hot, so it’s not always an option to turn off your air conditioning.
  • When appropriate, use your cruise control. This can save on road trips and improve your highway MPG

With a few simple tips, you increase your odds of improving your highway MPG. Our fun & friendly team at any Vern Eide location are happy to help check your tires, discuss options or simply help your vehicle perform at its optimal performance!

Vern Eide Motorcars has numerous locations that provide the area’s most reliable and trusted used, pre-owned and Certified selection of vehicles. And remember, when you locate a used vehicle for sale in Sioux Falls, make sure to have it checked out by one of the trained mechanics at any of our dealerships. We can also help you find you a comparable Certified vehicle that you can be sure is reliable. We can assist our customers with everything from financing to sales, service to repair – and more! We look forward to serving you soon.

OK, we’re off to a good start by outlining a few recommendations to improve fuel efficiency. By implementing a few additional tips you’ll be well on your way to becoming a more fuel-efficient driver. Whether you’re driving a new car or used SUV, these suggestions will help keep your vehicle in the best shape and protect your investment. The best way to maintain your vehicle’s value is to regular car maintenance, but for many reasons, we just don't do it often enough

  • Have a regular engine check-up. Check with your local used car dealership if you’re driving an older model to know how often you should schedule your visit. For most new cars, every 5K is pretty common, but not necessarily the same across the board. Our team at Vern Eide Motorcars will explain what’s best no matter what you drive.
  • Check your tire pressure at least once a month. Under-inflated tires burn more fuel.
  • Regular oil changes. Don’t react, be proactive and protect your vehicle.
  • Change the air filter as often as outlined in the owners manual, more if you drive in dusty conditions.
  • Corroded battery cables cause the alternator to work harder, using more gas. Have them cleaned as a matter of course with each engine check-up.
  • Don't let the vehicle idle. Idling consumes half-a-gallon to one gallon of gas per hour and also isn’t good for the environment. Engines only work hard under load and will warm up much quicker if you simply start the engine, wait for 20 seconds, (this builds the oil pressure,) and drive away.
  • At the pump, keep the hose in the tank until after the pump shuts off and make sure you allow all the fuel to pour out of the nozzle.
  • Check Your Gas Cap Seal. Over time, the rubber seal on your gas cap will start to break down, allowing oxygen to leak into the gas tank. This causes an overabundance of air to enter the engine as it pulls gasoline from the tank, and in turn the engine burns more gas

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