Spring Vehicle Tips

Vehicle Tips for Spring from Our Sioux Falls Car Dealership

The old saying, “April showers bring May flowers” is one sign spring is close! Living in the Midwest this is usually a good sign the ice and snow are going away and you can finally start to enjoy spring and warmer weather. Preparing for spring is fun and also includes preparing your vehicle for spring weather as well. Shifting seasons can impact your vehicle if you don’t prepare properly and why we’re giving our tips on how to get your car ready for spring! Similar to our winter tips, we want your car in tip top shape for any weather condition!

It’s all about the tires. Tires are key to driving safely no matter how or where you drive. We recommend always keeping tires on the top of your list as seasons change. If your vehicle had winter tires you know the time has sprung to remove them altogether and replace them with all-season or summer tires. It’s not quite as simple as removing a tire and putting a new tire in its place however. Winter driving is hard on your vehicle’s tires. Aligning and rotating your vehicle’s tires ensures safer wearing and will get the best life out of the tires. Tire rotation, balance, and alignment all work together to provide the safest bet for the full process of swapping out your winter tires. Our last tip is monitoring tire tread and make sure none of your tires are balding; they will need solid traction for the rainy months ahead.

Clear visibility is crucial while driving. That sounds like common sense to most drivers but often windshield wipers are overlooked. The wipers on your vehicle take a beating during winter months. New windshield wipers are a good idea and will improve your visibility. The last thing you want is to get stuck on a rainy day with wipers that don’t function properly. The life expectancy of a wiper blade is six months to a year. Harsh South Dakota winters have a tendency to take a toll on your vehicle all around, including your windshield wipers. Our last spring tip for wipers is to make sure you have plenty of fluid so your wipers work during spring months!

We’ve covered a few key areas to help your vehicle perform better for spring, now we take a look under the hood. Because your vehicle works extra hard during winter in Sioux Falls, it is easier for the battery to drain. If you suspect your battery life is low, check the date that it was installed or visit one of our locations and a trained mechanic can help you. After your battery is confirmed and good, it’s time to inspect your vehicle’s belts, hoses and air filters. We do cover the importance of air filters more in depth as well. If the belts or hoses are cracked or damaged in any way, a repair is definitely needed. With warm weather getting closer the usage of your air conditioner will come into play. Making sure your air filters are clean and working properly will ensure your A/C is ready when you need it! Our last tip for spring preparation is to make sure your oil is fresh and you're following the proper guidelines on your new or used vehicle. At Vern Eide Motorcars we carry new car brands such as Honda, Acura, Mitsubishi, Ford, and Chevy. Each brand has their own guidelines depending on the make and model you own. If you’re not sure what to follow you can check your owner’s manual or swing by any of our dealerships and one of our trained technicians can help you!

Vern Eide Motorcars is more than the area’s most reliable and trusted used, pre-owned and Certified selection of vehicles. We can assist our customers with everything from financing to sales, service to repair – and more! We work hard to provide tips such as these to make sure you’re safe on the road.

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