Eide Wash

If you want the best car wash in Sioux Falls, look no further! Vern Eide brings you Eide Wash, our premier car wash service. It's no secret drivers in Sioux Falls like a nice, clean ride. With our new Eide Wash, We Deliver Convenience & Value. Before you search for car washes in Sioux Falls check out why Eide Wash is the ultimate bath for your car.

As a member of Eide Wash, you no longer have to worry about driving around Sioux Falls with a dirty car. Our unlimited car wash service allows you and your vehicle to look good all the time. Our fast, fun & friendly experience will get you in and out before you can say car wash!

Eide Wash We Deliver Convenience

Our full-service car wash built for your convenience. Simply drive your vehicle to our location and we take it from there. Enjoy our plush lounge, grab a soda or coffee (and a cookie) while we take your vehicle through our touchless car wash. Rain or shine, you stay always stay dry while we bring your vehicle back shiny and bright! In a matter of minutes we'll have your vehicle sparkly clean and get you back on the road.

How It Works

Step 1

Download the Eide Wash App

Step 2

Select Add Vehicle and follow the steps

Step 3

Choose the Unlimited Plan

Step 4

Add a credit card

Step 5

Finalize the purchase of the Unlimited Plan

Eide Wash App
Eide Wash We Deliver Value

Unlimited Car Washes

Two FREE 5,000-mile services per year.*


Trucks and SUVs may have an additional surcharge, charged at the time of service. Does not include 15K, 30K, or 45K service package. For more details, ask a service advisor.


Receive discounts to local businesses throughout the year!


Download The Eide Wash App