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Since the world of DIY (do it yourself) started becoming more popular, the increase in home car repair has increased as well. Car repair and maintenance at your home makes sense for certain jobs that can be done quick and easy. If you’ve owned your used car for a while and like your garage oil-changes it makes sense to save a little money on a simple job. For certain repairs it makes even more sense to have a professional mechanic or technician help out, especially if you have a new car or SUV that needs more than a simple oil change. Some jobs are just better for the professionals and will end up saving you money, and headaches, in the long run.

As your new and used car dealer in Sioux Falls, we created our list of major car maintenance services that are better off left to the professionals. With the right tools and the right knowledge to do the job right in the first place, an experienced mechanic can offer more than DIY repair and that can mean the difference between you spending some money now to have it done right versus fixing for your vehicle down the road if it’s done wrong at home. Our list is focused on used cars for the fact many regulations and changes to new cars make it almost impossible to repair at home, and our strong recommendation is to leave new car repairs and maintenance to the scheduled plans provided by each manufacturer.

Tire Alignment, Balance, and Rotation

We start out with a list of important repairs with a focus on tires. For some DIY-ers, changing and rotating tires seems like a simple enough job. Rotating tires is somewhat simple as the overarching idea but done incorrectly can cause major problems and damage. One of the biggest areas gone wrong is not using the proper tools. For the sake of your tires’ longevity and your own sanity on the road, this is definitely a job best left to those with the right tools. Changing tires is much more than removing a tire and putting the new one on. A crucial and often overlooked part of the process is proper balance and rotation, another area that the right tools and technology help do the job right.

Brake Pad Replacement

Nobody likes the screeching sound of old brake pads. No thanks to the fingers on the chalkboard or expired brake pads sounds! This can lead to another no-no in DIY repair, changing your own brake pads. The overall procedure isn’t all too complicated and can be done in a timely manner. A trained professional with proper equipment can definitely complete this job faster and easier though. When done incorrectly, the results could be spilling brake fluid in your engine compartment or simply installing the pads wrong. Unless you already have all of the proper equipment at home and have a solid understanding of what may go wrong, this somewhat inexpensive job is worth leaving to the experts.

Transmission Fluid Change

If you’ve ever changed your own oil before, you may be tempted to try and change the transmission fluid as well. Transmission fluid changes at home makes our list for another job better left for the professionals. If you’re thinking it boils down to having the right equipment and tools, you are partially correct! When thinking about transmission fluid, the condition of the fluid is also important and can be overlooked if done at home. For example, a repair shop might recommend a full transmission flush. This is important, of course, and also requires special machines to be hooked up to your transmission to continuously pump fluid through it until all has been replaced. Some vehicles also require a manufacturer-specific transmission fluid, which may or may not be available outside a used car dealership in Sioux Falls. For all these reasons and more, it’s best to leave the changing of your transmission fluid to someone who can assess the situation and make the proper call for your vehicle.

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